The very best Wedding Made-in-Italy products to making your wedding in Italy

a very Italian sensory experience !

Food & Wine Consulting

Wine & Wedding in Italy, the perfect union!

Italian Food

Respect and Love for the Land

FERRAGNE WEDDING EVENTS will accompany you to discover an extraordinary italian cuisine experience, characterized by the use of excellent raw materials in harmonious fusion bringing the past and present together for an engaging and exciting creative Mediterranean cuisine and for a italian wedding or event reception memorable…..We work with the best Italians chefs, to guaranteed an innovative cuisine and linked to the new trend : the cuisine of the wellness .. Ferragne Wedding Events propose you the excellence made in Italy, with the Italian food experience with the best stars chefs, to live with your guests an unforgettable Italian gourmet experience!

Italian Wine

Tradition and Dedication

Expert connoisseur of the Italian wine heritage, Pascale Ferragne will be for you and your guests an important reference figure to the choice of combinations of your wedding menu…

Ferragne Wedding Events will accompany you to discover the maximum expression of Made in Italy, through a sensorial wine tasting, discovering the synergies between the excellence of the wine and the culinary recipes of the best Italian chefs, among the colors and the aromas of wine and our ancestral memorie. A true Italian Sensory Experience!


Activities & Turism Consulting

A pure Italian Experience

FERRAGNE WEDDING EVENTS help you create successful, wedding and events in Italy, destinations and memorable experiences for a worldwide audience. We harness our network of tourism experts in all the Italian areas, to bring together a bespoke team that will deliver the best thinking in strategic planning and implementation. We offer you tailored solutions through an experienced team of specialists. Not only a Wedding or Event, but an incredible experience around your wedding o event in Italy, to discover, with your guests, the destination you choose and their traditions..

Fashion Italian Experiences


Choose between tailor made clothes and accessories, private shopping experiences, exclusive visits to show rooms or museums or treat yourself to the top of luxury with a private stylist atelier unique experience. Simply the best made in Italy from the top italian fashion and design world. We organize tailored shopping for men in Rome, tailoring shopping for ladies,

Italy is the world art and culture capital. Stunning monuments, museums, ancient churches and buildings, with thousands of years of history. We’ll let you discover the most beautiful treasures of our country. We organise you visit to private palaces and gardens, special artisans experiences on Venice, visit to private museum…

Italian Culture and Art Consulting

Authentic Italian Local Experiences

From the mountains to the sea, Italy offers amazing locations for so many different sports and outdoors activities like : a rafting experience through the history Rome, bike experience on Tuscany, ride a vespa or a vintage car on the quiet roads of Tuscany Hills, scenic helicopter flight over lake Como’s mountains, lakside excursion in lake Como’s ,area driving a Ferrari or a Lamborghini, private boat tour, yacht tour, private jet experience…

Wedding & Event Designer, Party Planner & Italian Experience

Pascale Ferragne is the founder of Ferragne Wedding Events. Her distinctive style and passion for transforming any space into luxury and romantic settings has helped to establish her as a appreciable wedding and event planner in Italy for discerning international clients.
Her positivity, attention to detail and knack for perfection it’s appreciated by clients. She love offer creativity and personalization to every single event making. Pascale interprets and meets the individual styles of her clients, and she continually works to make every experience one to remember. Pascale garantees discretion, trasparent, presence and listening

Créatrice de mariage & evènemets, organisatrice de Party & expert de l’art de vivre “made in Italy”

Pascale Ferragne est la fondatrice de Ferragne Wedding Events. Son style et sa sa passion pour transformer chaque espace en un lieu exclusif et romantique, lui ont permis d’acquérir une clientèle internationale remarquable, exigeante et sélectionnée. Sa positivité, son attention au détail et son sens inné de la perfection sont des éléments appréciés par ses clients. Elle aime offrir créativité et la personnalisation de chaque événement. Pascale interprète parfaitement le style de chaque client et elle travaille sans cesse pour que chaque expérience soit inoubliable…
En outre, Pascale garantit discrétion, transparence, présence et écoute. Pascale et son staff, encouragent la diffusion de la qualité de la profession , fondee sur une éthique professionnel qui puisse garantir la diligence, la loyauté, l’impartialité, la transparence et l’honnêteté. Ce sont les valeurs auquelles elle croit.

Wedding & Event Planners in Italy - Luxury Event

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