Your Elopement in Italy: a very special journey.

Your romantic getaway for an epic wedding destination.

Because a small ceremony may be worth great and big emotions!

Italy has so many different possibilities when it comes to plan your romantic escape, ranging from
breathtaking lake views to exploring very traditional vineyards and impressive historical villas.

Not to mention their gardens, full of enchanting flowers and a landscape that offers a unique and
dramatic view during the wedding reception or ceremony.

For many couples deciding to elope in Italy can be both, romantic and adventure at the same time.

Your wedding day can easily turn into your special and unforgettable honeymoon!

Imagine a candlelit dinner in one of the ancient picturesque Italian villages. A very simple and
touching experience which deserve to be lived!

Deciding to elope in Italy means celebrating your eternal love but also sharing magic and unique
emotions that will be a special memory for lifetime.

If you are planning an unforgettable and romantic “adventure” in Italy to celebrate your endless love,
Ferragne Wedding & Events, will be pleased to design your personal elopement in Italy. The one that suits for you!

It is quite common that couples have the desire to transform their crazy long weekend to Italy in their
romantic elopement. It is something unexpected and unique which will remain etched in your souls and
hearts forever.

Who says that a wedding to be magnificent must have many guests?

I’ll tell you a secret, let your heart choose who you want with you on your wedding day.

An intimate ceremony is something very emotional, whether it’s just a moment between the two of you, or
whether you decide to share the best day of your life with some close friends.
A nice idea might be to give a video or photo album of your wedding day to your loved ones. They will
appreciate and feel part of your joy even if they were not physically present.

An elopement in Italy remains less formal than a classic wedding: the organization is definitely much leaner but
there will be care and attention to every little detail.

The extra idea?

The elopement in Italy could also be the perfect occasion for a second wedding or for an irreplaceable wedding

Remember that love deserves to be celebrated and renewed always!

During my years as a Wedding Planner I had the opportunity and the good fortune to organize a big number of

Each event is always unique and personal. This is because every couple I met is different in the way of
living their love.

Our fantastic team really cares about creating a unique style and design for every wedding. It fills our
hearts with joy to personalize and make inimitable your moments.

You, your love and your dreams are really important to us, from the first moment we get in touch until
the end of your wedding experience in Italy.
We will always be at your side

Each event reminds us different scents ,colors and atmospheres.

The common denominator here?

Memorable and unique moments for the rest of your life!

You can choose a religious ceremony to celebrate your faith, a symbolic ceremony which offers you a lot
of flexibility and the the opportunity to express your personality, your tastes and your values, or you
can opt for a civil wedding a simply and legal nonreligious ceremony, presided over by a legal official.

Don’t you like bureaucracy? No problem at all! We will assist you entirely step by step.

However symbolic, religious or civil your ceremony will be personalized.

Our team will help you to draw and interpret the history of your couple through the symbolic ritual and
the set design of your event.

Love and happiness are our source of inspiration. Always.

Are you wondering which are the top Italian cities for your elopement ?

The choice is endless!

You can choose the charm of our famous art cities for a romantic elopement in Florence, Rome or Venice.

Or, you can opt for the glamorous and cosmopolitan Milan full of charm and fashion proposals for
nightlife and events.

Lake Como offers exclusive scenery, while the gentle Tuscan hills allow you to immerse yourself
in a complete sensory experience in the middle of nature.

Do you prefer the exclusive Capri and Portofino with their refined and luxury boutiques or the
timeless charm of Amalfi Coast?

What about the colors and scents of Apulian countryside?

Take a look at these beautiful places and you will understand why we think that Italy is the
ideal place for your elopement in Italy

Do not hesitate to contact us for special ideas and designs.

FERRAGNE WEDDING & EVENTS is waiting for you!

Wedding & Event Designer, Party Planner & Italian Experience

Pascale Ferragne is the founder of Ferragne Wedding Events. Her distinctive style and passion for transforming any space into luxury and romantic settings has helped to establish her as a appreciable wedding and event planner in Italy for discerning international clients.
Her positivity, attention to detail and knack for perfection it’s appreciated by clients. She love offer creativity and personalization to every single event making. Pascale interprets and meets the individual styles of her clients, and she continually works to make every experience one to remember. Pascale garantees discretion, trasparent, presence and listening

Créatrice de mariage & evènemets, organisatrice de Party & expert de l’art de vivre “made in Italy”

Pascale Ferragne est la fondatrice de Ferragne Wedding Events. Son style et sa sa passion pour transformer chaque espace en un lieu exclusif et romantique, lui ont permis d’acquérir une clientèle internationale remarquable, exigeante et sélectionnée. Sa positivité, son attention au détail et son sens inné de la perfection sont des éléments appréciés par ses clients. Elle aime offrir créativité et la personnalisation de chaque événement. Pascale interprète parfaitement le style de chaque client et elle travaille sans cesse pour que chaque expérience soit inoubliable…
En outre, Pascale garantit discrétion, transparence, présence et écoute. Pascale et son staff, encouragent la diffusion de la qualité de la profession , fondee sur une éthique professionnel qui puisse garantir la diligence, la loyauté, l’impartialité, la transparence et l’honnêteté. Ce sont les valeurs auquelles elle croit.

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