The Jewish ceremony, a traditional and religious rite, was held outside with a Chuppah covering the bride and groom, symbolizing the couple’s new marital home.
A celebration rich in several distinct rituals very moving and representative for the Jewish culture

The fall of the bride’s veil has been an intimate and emotional moment for both families, giving tears of joy. The floral decoration of the Chuppah has sublimated the elegance of the beautiful bride. The entrance music chosen by the spouses invited to the spiritual revival of this unique moment.

The music and the party were absolutely the focus of the celebrations that followed the religious ceremony.

The culinary experience, with Kosher-Style Food , was elaborated by enhancing the typical dishes of Italian cuisine in the respect of the very warm atmosphere of Apulia so to live with the guests a truly and authentic “Made in Italy” experience.

The cut of the Wedding Cake was a very special moment: The family decided to give the young couple sensational fireworks at illuminating midnight, the sky, with the background music of the wonderful song “Caruso” by Luciano Pavarotti….

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Pascale Ferragne is the founder of Ferragne Wedding Events. Her distinctive style and passion for transforming any space into luxury and romantic settings has helped to establish her as a appreciable wedding and event planner in Italy for discerning international clients.
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Pascale Ferragne est la fondatrice de Ferragne Wedding Events. Son style et sa sa passion pour transformer chaque espace en un lieu exclusif et romantique, lui ont permis d’acquérir une clientèle internationale remarquable, exigeante et sélectionnée. Sa positivité, son attention au détail et son sens inné de la perfection sont des éléments appréciés par ses clients. Elle aime offrir créativité et la personnalisation de chaque événement. Pascale interprète parfaitement le style de chaque client et elle travaille sans cesse pour que chaque expérience soit inoubliable…
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