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Ferragne Pascale

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Meet Pascale Ferragne

Wedding & Event Designer, Party Planner & Italian Experience

Pascale Ferragne is the founder of Ferragne Wedding Events. Her distinctive style and passion for transforming any space into luxury and romantic settings has helped to establish her as a appreciable wedding and event planner in Italy for discerning international clients..

Her positivity, attention to detail and knack for perfection it’s appreciated by clients. She love offer creativity and personalization to every single event making. Pascale interprets and meets the individual styles of her clients, and she continually works to make every experience one to remember. Pascale garantees discretion, trasparent, presence and listening….

My Inspiration

“Where wisdom reigns, there is no conflict between thought and feeling.” Carl Gustav Jung

Self Awereness

My personal research for the essence of things has led me to a new fascinating way, which combines psychophysical wellbeing and high Italian food and wine tradition , with slow living.


I love beauty in all things! art, fashion, the soul …I am inspired by fashion, fashions but I do not follow fashions … I prefer to find my style, adapt a detail …

“Fashion passes style remains.” Coco Chanel


I always have to thank my family who always support me with love. Love, together with beauty and goodness are the primary expressions of life. I meet many families during my work and I get excited when I perceive the love that unites them …

“The family is where the heart always finds a home.” Stephen Littleword


I love to travel across italy, discover new corners, traditions and lives new experiences to share with peoples. I love Italy and i ‘m always looking of eccellencies “made in Italy”…

“I have not particular talent, I’m just passionately curious.” Albert Einstein

A curated Italian experience

Ferragne Wedding Events

For a sophisticated and demanding customer…

Our Philosophy

Our purpose is create an exceptional event in Italy for you, to engrave in your memories and your guests an authentic Italian experience, rich in history, art and culture, and the discovery of Italian food and wine excellences. We want to be guarantors of the “ Made in Italy “ and of the best high-level facilities.

Our Process

Ferragne Wedding Events manage and supervise the complete service for the organization of the wedding or party:


  • Start from the meeting with you and your fiancé to know and discover the style for the wedding or party. We discuss your vision for the big day!
  • Developing and create a personalized project and budget planning, the research for the perfect location selected according to strict quality standards, the consulting with all the suppliers ( the banqueting, floral designer, photographer, music and entertainment, open bar service, transfer and hotels…),the assistance with the bureaucratic procedure for the legal ceremony and the religiuos ceremony, The day of the event, Ferragne Wedding Events and her team provide the direction and coordination of your wedding or event to ensure the success of your memorable wedding in Italy.

Live your Authentic Italian Experience


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